"Barnwell Chapel at Berry College" Print

"Barnwell Chapel at Berry College" Print

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Fourth in the series on Berry, the "Barnwell Chapel" print sells for $95. The  image is 12.75 x 18 inches on a 16 x 20 print of 310g fine art paper, made of 100% cotton fiber, which is acid and lignin free, and of museum archival quality. Our printer uses UltraChrome archival pigmented inks, assuring your art will carry an investment value for over a century.

The original is  24 x 36.  If you are interested in a custom order on a larger print or a Giclee Canvas print, please contact us. We will have to order, so the price is to be determined.

Barnwell Chapel was completed and dedicated Nov. 11, 1911. It was named after its architect, Capt. John Barnwell.  Originally from Charleston, S.C., this sea captain retired near Rome, Georgia.  He was a leader in the Plymouth Brethren.  Eventually convinced by Martha Berry to be her architect, he was responsible for the design of several Berry buildings.  Most noted is Barnwell Chapel.  The chapel has been used for classrooms, chapel, study hall, library, and a music studio.  The young students of Berry built the log chapel, and they fabricated the beautiful pews, altar, and woodwork of the interior. 

I wanted to paint Barnwell Chapel in the context of the campus, with an inconspicuous view of the tremendous Ford complex.  The Ford buildings were not built till some 14 years after Barnwell.   Clara Hall, named after Henry Ford’s wife, was not completed until 1925.  I can imagine Captain John Barnwell stood on that gentle knoll and envisioned the future Berry schools, where this chapel could be viewed from the surrounding campus.  My painting was done from a perspective of looking up to the Chapel, with heaven’s vast sky above.  I also wanted to catch a glimpse of what was once called the “Martha Berry Schools for Girls”, later renamed the Ford Complex after Henry Ford’s death in 1947. 

From 1976 to 1979, I held a weekly student prayer meeting in the chapel, which was faithfully attended by students.  Berry College and Schools strongly believed in the spiritual, mental, and hard work ethic instilled in her students.  Berry students go forth to make the most wonderful contributions to society. 

I noticed that above the front entrance of the chapel there seems to be an old ship’s helm, reminding us that our lives, if we choose, should be guided by the Lord and the Bible.  Barnwell Chapel, like a ship at sea, stands like an old centurion over an incredible school that has influenced so many young lives.   I hope this painting will bring you many fond memories of Berry College .                            --Horst Trojahn